Dennis Ross & Alan Dershowitz with Ethan Bronner: The US-Israel Relationship

Ajoutée le 15 déc. 2015 They’re from opposite sides of the aisle, but equally expert when it comes to setting the record straight on Israel. Dennis Ross, who has been a direct participant in shaping US policy towards Israel and the Middle East for nearly 30 years—first in the George H. W. Bush administration, then as Bill Clinton’s Middle East Peace envoy, and then as a special assistant to the president under Barack Obama. His new book is Doomed to Succeed. Alan Dershowitz has been a consultant to several presidential commissions and has advised presidents, UN officials, prime ministers, governors, senators and members of Congress. His latest book is The Case Against The Iran Deal: How Can We Now Stop Iran from Getting Nukes? Ethan Bronner, senior editor for international news at Bloomberg, moderates. Subscribe for more videos like this: Facebook: Twitter: Panel Discussion on Campus Anti-Semitism with Alan Dershowitz - Jan 18, 2016

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